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Have never, and will never send my books anywhere else for pressing. The work is exceptional, packing is tight, shipping is quick, and Trey's not too bad a fella to work with either.
Richard D.
Back in 1991, I bought New Mutants 98 for a buck, read it, mistreated it, then threw it in the box. In 2015, Trey pressed it and CGC graded it 9.8. Any more questions?
Kevin T.
I have had 100+ books pressed and nothing compares to him, Literally worked 3 miracles on my Batman Adventures #12, 9.6 and 2 9.8 ... Simply amazing!
Shane L.
Trey's pressing services are second to none. I'm a repeat customer and I never hesitate to refer/recommend him. Awesome pricing, awesome turnaround times, awesome communication, and awesome service. I found him to be honest, trustworthy, and someone who truly cares about his craft. I will not submit any of my comic books to be graded without passing through Trey's hands first and foremost. Thank you, sir.
Rich C.
I sent trey a Tomb of Dracula 10 signed by Stan Lee and Marv Wolfman that was a mid grade. In the shipping process, the mylar bag broke and the packaging tape got stuck to the cover! Trey got in touch with me immediately to tell me and sent me pictures. He went above the call of duty and did some research on how to solve this problem and saved my comic from being worthless. The comic came out great after the pressing. I thank him every time I see that book and I trust him with any book. Thanks for all that you do, Trey.
Rhett S.
If pressing were an art form, Trey would be the master. He knows his craft very well. However, forget all that, because to me its secondary. I'm sure other people can press books. I'm sure they can do it well, but I'll never send a book to anyone but Trey. His honesty, love for the industry and legitimate compassion are the reason to work with Trey.
James G.
Touched by a gawd!!! That's how I feel when I get my books pressed by Trey! I have had multiple books pressed by him and each time he doesn't fail to impress. Please to not hesitate to send you books to Trey as he is a professional in every sense of the word!
Ricardo G.
Very reliable and trustworthy, I wouldn't send my books to anyone else to be pressed. bought a fine copy of DD 168, and Trey turned it into a 9.0 gem!
Keith S.
I have used a few pressing services that were supposed to be "the best" but none compare to Treys work. 
Manole S.
I've been using Trey's pressing services for a couple years now and I'm always 100% confident in his abilities. If members trust him with $15k books, you can trust him with yours as well!
Andrew C.
Trey pressed plenty of my books and upgraded every book. I got 3 copies of 1977 Star Wars #1 that he turned into 9.8s. He also assisted my Iron Fist #14 into a 9.8 as well. No better service out there and the price can't be beat either. By not using Trey, you are essentially throwing money away in my opinion. 
Van D.
Trey is truly a master of his trade and I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to get a book pressed. I plan on using him for several other books and I hope that you will too.
Scott R.
Trey's pressing service has no equal with exceptional service and turnaround times! My go-to whenever I am submitting books for grading.
Patrick H.
Sent books to Trey 2 times, resulting in 8 "9.8's" & 5 "9.6's"...I WILL NOT submit books he hasn't touched, Nuff Said.
Rory D.
Trey turned a crumpled Preacher 0 into a freaking masterpiece. Can't recommend his services enough.
Sean D.